Nicolas Cortella
Nicolas Cortella
Engineering student - Computer Science

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About me

Nicolas Cortella


Engineering student in Computer Science, specializing in Virtual Reality

Currently, I am a 5th-year engineering student specializing in virtual reality at ESIEA Graduate School of Engineering.

I have mainly worked on projects that require electronic and IT knowledge at the same time. I love getting exposed to technologies as I’m constantly trying to understand and improve them.
Developing a creative mindset and making the most of it is also important for me. I look forward to improving virtual experiences and help to turn them into totally immersive experiences, as closely as possible to the reality. Being able to see the evolution of virtual reality is exciting, being able to participate in its evolution is even better!

My Network

My skills

Technical skills

Software development
C, C++, C#
Java (Android & PC)
Video games
Valve Hammer Editor
SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite), JSON
Frameworks & Tools
Vuforia, Firebase, IntelliJ, NetBeans, Visual Studio, Vim, Wordpress, ...
Windows, Linux, Arduino
Computer graphics
Adobe Photoshop,
Adobe Illustrator
Currently learning

Language skills

Mother tongue
Advanced level
TOEIC score: 970
Intermediate level

Main training courses

High School

Scientific Baccalauréat
(With first-class honours)

2012 - 2013

Preparatory classes

(Paris, FR)
2013 - 2015

Engineering programme
Specialized in virtual reality

(Laval, FR)
2015 - 2017

Supplementary studies & Work experience

Glyndŵr University

Certificate of continuing Education in Computer Networking
Cisco Networking Academy
(Summer school)

(Wrexham, UK)
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi
4-month technical internship
(Bangkok, TH)
April - August 2017


Computer graphics
Game Design

My projects

Technical internship project at KMUTT


Integrate video games at the heart of rehabilitation methods

   During my 4-month technical internship at KMUTT, I was in charge of researching, defining and developing innovative ideas related to the integration of video games in rehabilitation protocols.

I have had the opportunity to design and develop a video game dedicated to rehabilitation. It adds a playful and motivating aspect to hand rehabilitation therapies. This work is the result of a request from the “Paolo Memorial Hospital” management team in order to integrate pioneering arrangements to their expansion project.
More information 18 August 2017

4th-Year Project at ESIEA


Visual impairments simulation system using augmented reality

   Development of a system allowing to simulate three kinds of visual impairments in real time in order to study their impact on everyday life.

In order to understand these problems, we created a system able to perform a wide range of tests from reading a book to moving objects, applying different visual impairments throughout.
More information 06 April 2017

3rd-Year Project at ESIEA


Wireless and versatile sensor for plants

   Development of a meteorological station allowing to collect environmental data from one or more plants.

In addition to this station, we created a dedicated Android application which gives the possibility for a user to obtain all information and data on his mobile phone. Then, he is able to track his plants' development in an intuitive and interactive way.
More information 16 June 2016

Online browser game


Gaming plateform for ESIEA students

   The game can be played in single-player or in teams from a website. GeoChallenge put forward the discovery of nearby historical and cultural sites. The goal is to take selfies in front of a maximum of places already listed in the game database.
An arbitrator is in charge of validating or invalidating uploaded selfies. He credits player's team with points depending on the visited site. At each new round, teams face off to validate a maximum of places as quickly as possible aiming for podium finishes.
3 June 2016
Source Engine

Source Engine Modding
Game & Level Design

Level and game mechanics design

   Impassioned by the universe created around the games Half-Life and Counter-Strike, I created many levels allowing players to enjoy new and exciting experiences.

In collaboration with various gaming communities, I learned how to developp new concepts by sharing ideas. Hosted on servers supporting up to 64 simultaneous players, levels had to be entertaining, aesthetic and reliable.
More information 2007 to 2012

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